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Polystyrene processing since 1960

Today we specialise in cutting polystyrene. With our experience, we turn your ideas into reality.

About us

We were pioneers in polystyrene processing. We started working with this material in the 1960s, realising its potential early on. Over the years we have grown and evolved. We experimented and learnt how to use polystyrene in innovative ways. A path that has led us to become specialists in cutting polystyrene. Thanks to our experience and precision machinery, we can shape and cut polystyrene with millimetre precision. A flexibility that allows us to turn all ideas into reality, even the most complicated ones. A flexibility that has led us to design innovative products or improve existing ones. All this has made us an ideal partner for companies looking for polystyrene solutions and, at the same time, a leading innovator, pushing research forward day after day.

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Sustainability first

We are aware of the impact of our activity on the ecosystem around us. That is why we pay attention to sustainability.

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and 3D printing

Prototypes can be difficult to produce. Costs can often make them unfeasible. Believing these ideas can cost a lot more in terms of money and time. Prototyping is the first step in the journey to market, revealing hidden obstacles and unforeseen challenges, as well as the initial look and feel of the part. Why wait until the production phase to discover problems, when you could have discovered and solved them earlier, at a much lower cost?