Bespoke polystyrene packaging for sheet metal components

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Polystyrene packaging

Polystyrene packaging: the customer who requested this work from us is a leading company in the commercial space furnishing sector. Their requirement was to pack some sheet metal component kits for their internal handling within the factory during the production process.
Until then, the company packed every single item, and was looking for a solution that would reduce packaging time and material waste.

Polystyrene packaging

To solve this problem, we designed a special polystyrene box. The dimensions were calibrated to allow the packaging to fit into the wooden containers, roughly the size of a pallet, used by the company to transport the components. Using a milling cutter, slots were made inside the box for the individual components, which needed to be packed in a precise order. This is why we have created 5 different packaging models to accommodate all the different component kits. While for the longer sheet metal parts we made polystyrene supports.
In this way, we solved the problem of individually packaging each piece, creating an advantageous solution in terms of convenience of use, time savings and material waste.