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A value we do not give up: sustainability

We are aware of the impact of our activity on the ecosystem around us. That is why we pay attention to sustainability.

Our polystyrene compactor allows us to speed up disposal times by reducing its mass and bulk; this facilitates transport to recycling plants for the production of XPS (extruded polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene). This type of recycling is achieved at a very low ecological cost: just think of the high temperatures needed for the glass to be recycled or the large amount of water needed by the cardboard for the disposal process.

Our polystyrene compactor

Our job is to turn ideas into reality. We do this by cutting polystyrene, a material we know well because we were among the first to realise its potential. We are aware that many prejudices exist around polystyrene due, at times, to a lack of knowledge about the material. Like all plastics, polystyrene is not biodegradable. Like any other packaging material, if it is not properly recycled, it becomes a source of pollution, accumulating in the environment from which it is difficult to dispose.

The strict material recycling and reuse policies we have imposed on ourselves help to limit the amount of polystyrene we release into the environment. However, compared to other materials, polystyrene proves to have an ecological and sustainable soul.

Two or three things you should know about polystyrene

If we want to define it clearly, the material we usually call polystyrene, and which usually comes in the form of sheets, blocks or balls, is actually synthesised expanded polystyrene (EPS).

It is therefore a styrene polymer. That is, the result of a chemical process that alters the structure of a hydrocarbon and transforms it into a solid element. Therefore, the amount of styrene inside any object made of polystyrene is very low: only 2%. The remaining 98% consists of air.

This characteristic makes polystyrene an incredibly sustainable material, as well as useful and versatile.

Saving energy with polystyrene

Polysitrole is also a material that, when used for the thermal insulation of buildings, has a very high potential. The energy used to produce an insulation panel with this material is returned over time more than 150 times.

As a company, the attention we pay to sustainability goes beyond the material we use in our work. Energy saving is always at the centre of our concerns. In order to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, we have been implementing a photovoltaic panel system for years. Thanks to this system, our plant is completely energy autonomous.